Good Chemistry for Good Ideas.

Welcome to our company

CHEMRA™ is an independent chemical company, established in 2010 in Trier, Germany.

We are dedicated to developing, improving and producing functional polymers for processes involving ion exchange, chromatography, adsorption and catalysis.

We also offer consulting and support services aimed at helping our customers to develop and implement cost-effective processes for the exploitation of our functional polymers.

Members of our team of technical sales and support specialists have more than 30 years experience with global ion exchange resin applications and suppliers. Through our worldwide network of representatives in international markets – including North America, Europe and Asia – we provide excellent local support to our customers worldwide.

Our Purpose...

Our policy is to offer our customers unique products and solutions that will improve the performance of their processes.

At CHEMRA, we are always open to our customers’ wishes and ideas
   because your success is our success.

Supporting the Market You Serve

CHEMRA offers a broad functional polymer portfolio serving a vast array of markets and applications.



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