Olefin hydration
Isopropyl alcohol (IPA) and secondary butyl alcohol (SBA)

Isopropyl alcohol and secondary butyl alcohol are widely used in the industry.

IPA can be found in direct solvent applications, surface coating, inks, different formulations and as processing agent. Overall the demand for IPA and MEK is growing in the order of 3-5% per year.

The majority of the SBA is converted into methyl ethyl ketone (MEK or 2-butanone) in a 2-step reaction. MEK is an excellent solvent especially in resinous materials, surface coatings, printing inks and adhesives.


Isopropyl alcohol (IPA)

Polymeric catalysts are used in the direct hydration of polypropylene. This process works with superheated steam (up to 160°C) and under high pressure. Chemra has developed catalysts for this kind of applications with prolonged life and high thermal resistance.




Secondary butyl alcohol (SBA) and methyl ethyl ketone (MEK)

SBA can be produced through direct hydration of butenes under presence of water. High temperature of up to 180°C and high pressure require thermal and physical stable catalysts. CHEMRA has developed a series of catalysts for this application.



secondary butyl alcohol



Recommended catalysts


The performance of a catalytic system depends very much on the reactants, the reactor design and process conditions. Most polymeric catalysts can be used in fixed bed or batch systems. For more information please contact your CHEMRA representative.


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